Greenpeace and Whales

Greenpeace Defending Whales

Greenpeace continues to be one of the most aggressive organizations out there when it comes to defending whales. They want to ensure they are safe, especially those species that seem to be in grave danger of extinction. They have gone to extreme efforts to do so. For example, members have been seen in Japan pursuing whalers so that they can’t kill any of them. They also promote such protection of whales by educating the public and lobbying for donations.

When you take the time to look at the facts and figures that Greenpeace provides, you will immediately realize there is a serious problem. For example you may not realize that the blue whale has less than 1% of its population remaining. This may surprise you since they are to be protected. Greenpeace brings it to light that the government protection laws have plenty of loopholes. They also express their desire to get rid of those that continue to engage freely in such whaling efforts when they should be punished by law but they get away with only fines.

Some of the activities for Greenpeace have ended up being arrested for their dedication to protecting these mammals. That is due to the aggressive nature that they take against some people involved in those acts. It is also due to the destruction of boats and property that are often used for whaling. These individuals continue to stand firm on their decision to engage in such efforts.

Sometimes the members of Greenpeace are successful in going undercover to get information to defend the whales. This is what occurred in late 2008 in order to find out who was responsible for the illegal selling of whale meat. Some of the members pretended to want to buy large quantities of it. Their information collected eventually lead to the arrest of many key players illegally slaughtering the whales for that purpose. They were making tons of money on selling that meat.

Research has been done by Greenpeace too that explores the health risks of eating meat from whales as well. There are high levels of toxins including pesticides. It is believed eating large amounts of whale meat can prevent children from developing properly for this reason. There are also reports to indicate it can have a profound effect on the ability to reproduce.

Another spectrum of the issue that Greenpeace covers is the environmental risks to whales. Many of them die due to the pollution that gets into the waters. While the vast majority of them come from companies, some of it does come from individuals. Even the government is taking some heat from Greenpeace. This is due to the use of their Sonar weapons and the abundance of large ships in the waters where whales reside.

Many believe that the efforts of Greenpeace when it comes to the defense of whales have helped their numbers to increase again. This is especially true of the great whales because they are often the ones hunted. If someone is going to take the risk of killing a whale they are going to aim for the largest ones in order to make the most money. Not everyone is fond of the tactics Greenpeace uses to defend whales. Yet they do have to admit this organization has been quite successful.

It is the responsibility of all of us to take such concerns to heart. As the balance for whales is upset, there is a ripple effect for all animals that live in the water. That will also affect human life as well. We are more dependent on what is found in our waters than we often realize.

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