Whale Information

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  • Whale Habitat

    Whales live only in water, and tend to stay where it is warmer. This is why you will find them along the coasts during the winter months.

  • Whale Feeding

    Whales are very large mammals so it is no surprise that they consume large amounts of food each day.

  • Whale Reproduction

    Male whales are mature between 7 and 10 years of age. They have a cavity that their genitals remain in during resting and swimming so there isn’t a great deal that is known about them in great deal.

  • Whale Anatomy

    The anatomy of a whale is absolutely fascinating, and one that you will want to learn all you can about.

  • Whale Communication

    Whales have a very intriguing method of communicating known as echolocation. When you listen to the sounds that whales make to communicate, you will notice they are very unique.

  • Whale Evolution

    Whales have fascinated us for a very long time, and you may have studied about them with the basics or in depth.

  • Whale Predators

    Whales have no natural predators in the water so they have been able to live for many years in the water if the conditions are right.

  • Whale Social Structure

    The social structure for whales is one that is very interesting. They are avid communicators.

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