Why do Whales Migrate?

Whale Migration

During the warm season, whales migrate to cold waters where food is abundant. When the weather becomes colder, the food start to scarce and whales migrate to warmer water for mating and breeding.

Whales migrate to different locations according to the place their live. Some species migrate as stated below:

Southern Right Wiles.

They migrate during summer to waters near Antarctica, while the mating season they migrate to South America, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.

Humpback Whales

Humpback whales live in both hemispheres making them to cross over the other side of the world during the feeding and breeding seasons.

This make that the humpback whales in the northern hemisphere travel from the Arctic waters to tropical waters of several places.

Gray whales

Gray whales live in the Eastern North Pacific Ocean in America and the Western North Pacific Ocean in Asia.

The gray whales living in Asia, travel from Japan and Korea to the northern Okhotsk Sea, while the gray whales living in America, migrate from Alaska in the summer to the warmer waters of California and Mexico for breeding.

Northern Right Whales

The northern right whales do not travel as much as the other species breeding off the coasts of Florida and Georgia and feeding in Massachusetts and the North Atlantic Ocean during feeding season.

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