Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Whales

  • Why do Whales Sing?

    There is a traditional explanation which attributes whale singing to male whales as a way to seduce female whales while looking to reproduce.

  • How do Whales Communicate with each Other

    It is believed that whales use sound for echolocation, a sonar-like capability that allow whales to locate dangers and other animals.

  • Do Whales Really Sing

    Some baleen whales, particularly humpback whales and blue whales, produce a melodic sound known as a whale song.

  • How Long do Whales Live

    Some whales have a lifespan similar to humans, particularly the blue and the fin whales as they reach up to 85 years old.

  • What is a Group of Whales Called?

    A group o whales is commonly called a pod, a school or a gam.

  • How Much does a Blue Whale Weigh

    Blue whales are the largest animal who have ever lived on earth, even much larger than the largest dinosaur known.

  • How do Whales Talk

    There are two suborders of whales, baleen whales and toothed whales and they differ not only in their feeding habits, but also in the way they talk to each other.

  • Why do Whales Migrate

    During the warm season, whales migrate to cold waters where food is abundant. When the weather becomes colder, the food start to scarce and whales migrate to warmer water for mating and breeding.

  • What is a Male Whale Called

    The male whale is called a bull

  • Where do Humpback Whales Live

    Humpback whales live in both hemispheres making them to cross over the other side of the world during the feeding and breeding seasons. They migrate over 25,000 kilometers each year.

  • How do Whales Reproduce

    Like most mammals, whale calves are nourished in the womb of the mothers through an umbilical cord and they grow inside the mother until they are ready to perform some basic actions, as swimming, that will help them survive outside their mothers.

  • Why are Humpback Whales Endangered

    By 18th century, the commercial value of humpback whales increased and that made them a preferred target for hunters.

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