Whales and Humans

Whales and Human Relationship

Humans and whales have plenty of things in common. They are the largest groups of mammals in the world when it comes to distribution locations. They come in a variety of sizes and have different behaviors. They also create different behaviors and languages within their own cultures as humans do. Whales are other mammals that feed their young milk too, although it takes plenty more to feed them than human babies!

If you observe the behaviors of whales, you will find that they are quite social in nature. They make clicks and other sounds with their mouths that are used to share information with others in their group. Humans use different types of communication but for the same purpose. Both are quite affectionate in many ways too. Whales have been seen rubbing and caressing each other as a human couple would.

In spite of all their similarities though, humans and whales do have some differences that create quite a few issues for them. First, humans are the only natural enemies that whales have. They would be able to do just fine out there if humans weren’t destroying their natural environment with pollution and toxins. Throw in the fact that killing whales for meat, for profit, and for sport has reduced the numbers and you have a huge threat that they are up against.

Many whales are destroyed in the water due to the existence of huge ships humans operate. They no longer have the freedom of exploring their waters without human elements that can harm them found everywhere you look. Even fishing ships that have huge nets and mechanisms can injure or kill whales accidentally.

Due to the continued destruction of the environment by humans, whales have had to suffer. Their food source has become very scarce in some areas due to other aquatic life not being able to survive. Due to global warming their migration patterns and even reproduction habits have been altered. They may not be storing up enough fat for them to get through the migration due to not eating as they move through it.

You do have plenty of humans out there though that are on the side of the whales. They are making every effort to offer a safe environment for these creatures. They continue to advocate for them to be left alone. They also attempt to get harsh punishments in place for those that illegally kill them. Many humans don’t realize their actions now can harm them in other ways.

For example in many human cultures it is common to consume whale meat. Yet due to the toxins in the environment they are actually poisoning their bodies. When this occurs you will find that there are long lasting problems such as health issues for children and even infertility for adults. There is some research to claim that eating too much whale meat can result in mental health concerns and heart disease. When you expose your body to volumes of toxins from such meat several days a week it will be hard to fight them off.

Humans definitely do need to take into consideration what they are destroying when they kill whales. It isn’t just them but the entire balance of the ecosystems that live in the water that end up suffering because of it. As a result they are going to end up creating problems for themselves. There should be plenty of room for both humans and whales to live a happy existence. Since the whales aren’t a threat to humans but humans are threat to whales, we know who needs to take action to get things back in balance.

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