Whales in History

Whales throughout History

Whales are believed to have been the evolution of various species more than 50 million years ago. This is why you will often hear them mentioned throughout history. Some even will tell you stories of how whales transformed from land animals with legs into something that only lives in the water. There is some history that does indicate they may have ventured from land to the waters in order to adapt to their surroundings. Such efforts of evolution for the survival of the species isn’t too far off base.

There are more stories about whales out there than most people hear though. When you start to look for them you will have the opportunity to find out a great deal about these mammals and how they have influenced and shaped history around the world. A great deal of this information about their history has come from careful research. Other incidents though are the result of faith and cultural beliefs.

Perhaps the most well known story about whales in history comes from the Bible. In the story of Jonah and the whale, Jonah is angry at God and turning away from him. He has been upset by the lack of compassion for his people. While on a boat with other sailors, Jonah is blamed for bringing on a terrible storm that threatens the lives of all on board.

Jonah is tossed into the waters to his death but he is swallowed by a huge whale. There he is to remain for three days. It is during this period of time that Jonah sees the big picture. He realizes that God has spared his life and that he has the opportunity to change his ways. When God is content with the choices that Jonah has made, he tells the whale to spit him out.

God then sends Jonah on a mission to his people. He tells him to preach about the saving of God and to show them a better way to live their lives. There are plenty of lessons for everyone to learn with the story of Jonah and the whale. Learning to be patient and compassionate are ones we can apply to our own lives every single day. Learning about mercy from God and how he can bring great influence to any situation is another element to take away from this powerful story. That is why it is often one that is loved by both children and adults.

Other stories about whales in history don’t tell of the whale being a savior but a threat. There are plenty of incidents of whales being hit by large ships that they share the waters with. There are some tales of these whales seeking revenge for it too. Do they do so out of anger? Many researchers think so because of how the brain of a whale is so similar to that of humans. Others believe that it has to do with their instincts, and they view the ship as a threat. This is new to whales because they have no natural predators. Therefore it isn’t normal for them to have to retaliate on such a level.

What you will find when you read about whales in history is that not all of it is factual. A great deal of it is theory based. This is a great opportunity for you to explore some ideas that you may have opposed in the past. It can also allow you to consider elements you never gave any thought to before. You will be able to form your own conclusions about a great deal of this information.

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