Whale Watching

Top Places for Whale Watching

Whale watching is a very interesting activity and one that many people take a keen interest in. However, you may be disappointed at the glimpses you get if you aren’t in the right locations. Knowing the best places for whale watching can help you to plan your trip to do so. It can also ensure you are able to get the most from that experience. During the winter months, whales migrate along the coastal areas. Therefore areas of Florida and California are prime locations. Along the Gulf of Mexico is also one of the top places for whale watching activities.

You may want to talk to your travel agent about whale watching vacations. For example you can take a cruise that will follow along a route that the whales take. Keep in mind that they don’t get as close as some people would like. This is so they don’t harm any of the whales in the process with the ships. These vacations often dock in the best locations though to see the whales too. In fact, you can even get a guided tour so you won’t have to locate those spots on your own.

Generally you will have the best luck watching whales from the middle of April to October. However, the season will depend on many factors including the location where you are. It will also depend on the weather as issues including global warming and changes in the seasons can affect when the whales will migrate.

This also means that you can watch whales from colder climates too. For example whale watching is very common in Oregon, as that is an area where they move from as winter sets in. Then they can be watched as they head back from California coast as the warmer months are approaching.

You will also find plenty of whale watching on the other side of the USA as well. Massachusetts has plenty of great locations for this activity. Chances are that just about any ocean access you have may provide you with such opportunities. There are certain times of the year though when the whales will be closer to the shore though than others.

As a last resort, you can definitely consider whale watching from certain family oriented areas too such as Sea World. While you won’t be watching them in their natural habitat you will still get to see these amazing mammals up close. This may be the only option you have so take it and make the most of it. Some people assume that these whales at such locations are only doing shows. However, many of them also allow you to go into underground viewing areas where you can observe what the whales take part in.

The internet is the perfect resource to help you find the best whale watching locations. Some of them may be in closer proximity to you than you realized. Perhaps you already have a great vacation planned to some area where they will be noticeable. You can add whale watching as a delightful activity for the entire family to take part in. Many people have a new found admiration for whales after such an experience.

If you haven’t gone whale watching before, you are in for quite a treat. Be prepared to get wet if you are close to them though because they can make quite a splash as the emerge and then go back under the water. You may want to take binoculars too so you can see what is going on if you aren’t up close. Don’t forget a camera either because you will have the chance to capture some amazing movements that you will want to treasure.

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