Whales in Literature

Whales in Literature

Reading is a great way to exercise your brain and to explore new adventures. Many of them happen to contain whales as main characters or part of the overall story in some way. This type of literature is one of the best ways to continue learning more about whales. Some of these stories are made up though so make sure you are able to clearly define what is based on facts and what is a story for entertainment purposes only. Parents have found that a love for whales can often encourage their children to read more.

The story of Moby Dick is the one that likely comes to mind when you think about the connection between whales and literature. This story was introduced in 1851 and is considered to be one of the beloved classics. The story is about Moby Dick, a great whale that is hunted by a seaman that had his ship destroyed by the whale. The man also lost his leg and wants to see the whale suffer an ill fate.

The story takes on many forms with emerging themes such as good versus evil. It also explores the issues of personal beliefs and how they can affect the decisions that a person makes. Even though the story was written a long time ago, some of the topics it covers including politics, racism, social class, and religion hold true in all societies today. It is interesting to see how these aspects of life continue to repeat themselves in various forms over and over again.

It is very important to seek out those stories that are age appropriate too with whales. Some of the books have issues that are too complex for children yet they are perfect for adults. Others are very vague and basic so they are a great match for younger children. However, older child may find them boring and not too interested in what they have to offer. Evaluating the audience is a great way to make sure the story fits well.

If you know someone that loves whales, such literature can be a fabulous gift for you to give them. They will love the fact that you took the time to buy them something so personal. It shows that you do care about their interests and that you wanted to get them a give they would really cherish.

You will find that many teachers include stores of whales in literature for their classroom assignments. They have found their students learn much more if they are very interested in the characters involved. It makes teaching them more enjoyable and in many cases the children are learning valuable skills and about various issues without even realizing it.

If you or your child enjoys the area of science fiction, you will find plenty of great whales in stories to read about there too. Some of the aspects of them are quite far fetched though so it may be hit or miss about what you find that you really like in this category. However, you will also find plenty of these types of literature that give you something to think about. They are based on theories relating to whales instead of just crazy ideas.

You can explore the library or the internet to get more information on literature with whales in it. You will find that new materials are added so you may want to get on a list to be contacted as those materials to read become readily available. You will find these adventures to be something you look forward to. Many people that love to read about whales in literature even have their favorites. They read them over and over again in an effort to get the most out of them.

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